About Us

MediaTrader is the market-making business of MRP Advisers, the leading media and marketing strategy and operations consultancy and managed services firm specializing in MRPTM, Media and Marketing Resource Planning and ExecutionTM.

Curated Programmatic Audiences

MediaTrader is an audience specialist that identifies and delivers at scale specific, often hard-to-reach U.S. and international consumer and business audiences with whom marketers can share relevant, impactful messages.

Premium Inventory

MediaTrader provides select premium publishers greater liquidity for their ad inventory at better overall monetization with greater transparency and control, often taking a risk position in the underlying ad impressions before making them available to others.

Data Enhanced Media

MediaTrader adds value for media buyers and sellers using proprietary 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and analytics to identify and enhance specific audiences creating Data Enhanced Media (DEM™), ahead of exchanges and other intermediaries, often matching scarce premium supply with specific demand more cost-effectively than can be done by other means.

MediaTrader Mission

End-to-end success for us is when MediaTrader can help buyers and sellers more efficiently and effectively match the appropriate audience with the right message in the right context at the right time and frequency for the best possible price achieving the desired outcome. Only in this way, can MediaTrader deliver on our MediaTrader Mission: To be the preferred programmatic partner for discerning media buyers and sellers seeking best price and best execution from audience-addressable premium advertising inventory.

Audience Specialists

Data Enhanced Media™

Best Price

Best Execution


MediaTrader seeks to add new demand for you by bidding programmatically on your ad inventory directly, not through exchanges or others, via our own, easily adopted free MTX™ ad technology


Like others already integrated using MTX™, what you can expect from MediaTrader after our standard supply-side vetting process  is continuous 24x7x365 bid submissions that should increase your overall fill rate and eCPMs. You should also expect us to pay you promptly.

Execution Services

In addition to our current audience segments, perhaps we can create and execute something special for you. Let us know what is on your mind.

Audience Development/Audience Execution

Using our best-in-class media trading capabilities on your behalf, you may wish to have MediaTrader execute highly effective, cost efficient Audience Development and Audience Extension campaigns for you.

Let’s Partner

Reach us via our contact form below or drop us a line at monetize@mediatrader.io


What We Do

We are an audience specialist with distinct media trading, data and analytic skills and experience operating a highly focused performance-driven media trading business at scale.

Execution Services

In addition to our current audience segments, perhaps we can create and execute something special for you. Let us know what is on your mind.

What We Don’t Do

MediaTrader is not an ad agency nor an ad network. Nor do we sell data or technology.

Let’s Partner

Reach us via our contact form below or drop us a line at advertise@mediatrader.io

MediaTrader Brand Inventory Delivers

Like a premium beverage, you might say the specific ad inventory in which MediaTrader makes a market are filtered five times.


1) First, we source premium programmatic ad inventory exclusively from the finest publishers.


2) Second, we apply in real-time as these ad impressions become available for us to bid on and resell our own combination of ad fraud, viewability, brand safety, and user experience filters to reduce or completely eliminate unwanted and wasteful outcomes.


3) Third, we run each available impression through our highly specialized, proprietary MediaTrader Data Management Platform(DMP) for deep audience profiling and segmentation to make sure what we label for others meets our own standards first.


4) In the fourth phase of remarketing MediaTrader Data Enhanced Media(DEM™), we obssess about making sure the price/value mix is right and fair for all parties: publishers and counterparties like marketers and agencies. If we get all the above right, but get the price/value mix wrong, nothing good and sustainable will ensue for anyone nor will scale be achieved.


5) In the fifth and final phase, MediaTrader takes special care to make sure ad inventory delivery and payment is precise and timely.

Premium and Superpremium Ad Inventory

Sourced directly and only from top-rated publishers

All Inventory Brand Safe,

Competitively priced

Traditional Direct Buys

Ad Networks


Deal IDs

Open Exchanges

Ad Inventory

To actively traded our ad inventory we look to add new programmatic media channels in the near future. Currently, we specialize in:

Mobile Display

Desktop Display

In-App Display

Mobile Video

Desktop Video

In-App Video

Specialized Audiences

Mixing data science, marketing science, and artificial intelligence including deep and machine learning, MediaTrader assembles market sourced and proprietary 1st , 2nd and 3rd party data to create our own MediaTrader-branded continuously available specialized audiences.

While we are always building and testing new audience segments. Currently, we have on offer 24x7x365 U.S. and International:

  • Multiculturals
  • Parents
  • Moms
  • Events
  • Ethnicity
  • English, Spanish and Portuguese Language
  • Blacks and African-Americans
  • Millenials
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Intenders
  • Students
  • Contextual
  • Gen Z
  • New Movers
  • Asian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  • Baby Boomers


  • Bill Lederer
    Bill Lederer CEO
    Bill leads MRP Advisers and founded the firm with Michael Weaver. He is a global C-Level digital media and marketing services executive with extensive consulting/founding/building/turnaround expertise in both entrepreneurial and established companies in: Programmatic trading, Advanced TV and online & mobile Video, Internet and e-commerce, advertising/marketing, and information services. Bill has served as a divisional CEO and/or C-level executive with Kantar/WPP, TNS, and Getty Images. He was Founder and CEO of e-tailer Art.com and programmatic media trader MediaCrossing and is a former board member for public and private companies including WPP Digital, Kantar Digital, Rewards Network, major universities, and non-profits. He has extensive work experience in the Americas, Europe, India, and Israel. He is Adjunct Professor, The New School Graduate Program in Media Management and co-author of the leading industry textbook Media Selling, 5th Edition.
  • Michael Weaver
    Michael Weaver COO
    Michael brings over 20 years experience with Digital Marketing and Technology companies to the practice. Beginning his career in the Entertainment & Media practice at Coopers & Lybrand and Andersen Consulting, he went on to work with The Walt Disney Company and AOL Time Warner. Michael has been CEO of both Fairchild Media and Zenovia.

    He has advised a series of marketing technology ventures including AddThis, Integral Ad Science, MediaMath, and Sonobi. He has participated in fund raising for startups that collectively raised over $110 million from Tier 1 VCs. Michael also served in the United States Air Force rising to the rank of Captain and serving in Operation Desert Storm, the first Iraq war.


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