A DMP is a centralized data management platform that lets you understand your audiences and create target audiences based on a combination of in-depth first-party and third-party audience data; accurately target content and campaigns to these audiences across your media, third-party ad networks and exchanges; and measure with accuracy which content and campaigns performed the best across segments and channels to refine content development, media buys and ad creative over time.

Data Management Platforms (DMP) have grown tremendously in popularity the past few years and continue to attract keen interest from publishers, agencies and marketers anxious to gain audience insights, improve monetization and/or achieve incremental media and marketing audience understanding, efficiencies and effectiveness.

The choice of a DMP can be critical and difficult. Moreover, getting business value out of the investment is daunting regardless of firm size.

Firms face many challenges when looking to:

  • Evaluate, select, contract for, implement, manage and/or optimize a DMP
  • Staff appropriately and reliably
  • Develop the right data and analytical strategy
  • Know more about their consumers
  • Improve their client campaigns, media and marketing performance
  • Ground activities in measurable ROI

A well managed DMP enables you to:

  • Learn who are your customers and consumers and what attributes define them
  • Increase monetization of your customer data
  • Understand which exact products your consumers are in-market to buy and what are they likely to buy next
  • Reach more customers and consumers by personally targeting those with highest value
  • Personalize content across multiple digital channels
  • Run agile, targeted advertising and marketing campaigns direct and programmatically
  • Control your data assets, maximize segmentation, prevent leakage and monitor partners’ usage
  • Learn how safe your customer data is and if you leaking gold without knowing it
  • Enhance audience extension, retargeting scalability, niche targeting and messaging capabilities
  • Better target campaigns to improve visits, stickiness, conversion and brand recognition
  • Buy targeted media placements attracting core and high-value audiences, using third-party audience data and bid efficiently on ad exchanges on a regular basis
  • Control acquisition costs and improve overall ROI

MediaTrader personnel have played critical roles in evaluating and deploying over ten DMPs and currently operates its own full-service Krux DMP 24x7x365 with dedicated, experienced, full-time staff working two shifts.

The MediaTrader team is available to evaluate and support your own DMP, share our DMP, and build custom segments and models for you as needed.


DMP Buy vs. Partner Analysis

You need a DMP. Now what?

Will your DMP enable

  • Audience insights: understand your online audience and your most compelling content?
  • Audience development?
  • Audience targeting and extension and will increase CPM and fill rates for direct and programmatic inventory?
  • Knowledge of and optimization of the value of your inventory in order to maintain your share of ad spend?

Buy vs Partner

Here’s why partnering with MediaTrader delivers more benefits and less cost with less risk and faster execution than developing your own plan, selecting and buying your own DMP, hiring and training you own staff, implementing and executing.

If you are a mid-sized publisher with 100m monthly impressions for sale

  • You might have two full-time salespeople averaging 30M imps/mo @ $5 cpm. Your Ad Ops Manager might sell inventory via open exchanges and private marketplaces with a 60% sell-thru @ $0.75 cpm. Your eCPM is $1.71.

Your DMP buy may cost

■Premium DMP $15-25k/mo

■DMP Staff $15-25k/mo

■DMP cost $0.30 cpm on impressions

■To hire, evaluate, contract, implement and optimize may take 6 to 15 months.

MediaTrader DMP-as-a-Service Overview

MediaTrader operates a full-function, best- in-class Krux DMP with experienced personnel, integrated systems, established processes, tested collateral, experienced sales execution and proven results. All personnel, data collection, standard segments, standard reporting and analytics are included in our service packages.
We can also tailor your service package to efficiently deliver against all your needs through our option packages.

Why Partner with MediaTrader

Get everything you need from a DMP including lower cost, speed-to-market, increased experience and reduced risk with a proven track record of client success

MediaTrader DMP-as-a-Service Pricing

DMPaaS pricing is either (1) CPM (based on impressions, page views and events) or (2) Fee-for- service plus implementation cost. Please reach out to request a quote.

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