Publisher Managed Services

Our trusted-advisor approach to Managed Services is a proven way for publishers to increase monetization, improve eCPMs, increase fill rates and enhance enterprise ROI, whether selling or buying media. Our staff augmentation capabilities includes 24x7x365: leadership, media traders, yield managers, campaign managers, data scientists, custom algorithm development, operations, analytics, reporting, systems and controls, receivables management and collection. In addition, MediaTrader provides complete audience analysis, targeting and optimization expertise.

MediaTrader offers select U.S. and international premium publishers full-time, dedicated 24x7x365, end- to-end and bespoke end-to-end trading desk services on a revenue share and/or fee-for-service basis:


  • Management and staff augmentation
  • Ad and/or DMP operations
  • Advertiser and agency relations
  • Legal forms development and contracting
  • Accounting
  • Receivables management and collection

Technologies and Related Support Services

  • Header bidders, ad servers, and video platforms
  • Google DFP ad server and Google Adx exchange
  • Krux DMP
  • AppNexus/OAS ad server, DSP & SSP experience
  • Display, video and other types of ad units
  • Video player selection and management
  • WordPress and other content management systems
  • CRM
  • Retargeting and remarketing


  • Dedicated, full-time account management, yield management, audience management and optimization
  • Extensive experience working with most SSPs, DSPs, ad networks and DMPs
  • Header bidding, ad waterfall and fill partner management
  • Google Ad Words/AdSense integration and management
  • Data strategy marketing and sales

Data, Analysis and Reporting

  • Krux DMP-as-a-Service
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party strategy and sourcing
  • Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other site-specific analytics
  • MOAT viewability analysis and reporting
  • On-Demand and automated, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly revenue and comprehensive trading partner and audience analytics, reporting and alerts
  • Standard and Custom audience segmentation, development and attribution modeling
  • Metadata and taxonomy development
  • Data Science, including custom modeling and algorithm development


  • SEO/SEM services
  • Audience development
  • Audience extension
  • Site and engaged consumer re-targeting
  • Access to creative resources, including copy, photography, video creation and editing
  • Video and display content syndication services

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